Now back at the Expoplatz in Nidau!
Give a loan

Version 2.0

After six unexpectedly turbulent years as a temporary business, we can finally stay for three years or longer! You can now find us in our corner on the Expoplatz. Initially still following the familiar concept, innovations will be introduced throughout the season. We will soon be building our own kitchen, a great playground, a small mini-golf course, plenty of shade, earlier opening hours and so on. The more often you visit us, the quicker we will have the resources to develop BAR. further!

Opening hours

Open every day in dry weather. If you and the weather are unsure, the button on this website will show you whether we are open or not. 

Monday to Wednesday: 15.00h - 23.00h
Thursday to Saturday: 14.00h - approx. 00.30h
Sunday: 14:00h - approx. 23:00h


We currently only offer a sustainable range of drinks. Our friends make mini pizzas from the stone oven in good weather. By the end of the year, we will also be expanding our kitchen, which will allow us to offer not only fine food, but also snacks and homemade drinks. 


To get off to a good start, we are still dependent on your support. Lend us money in the form of a loan of CHF 1,000 for the further development of BAR. or perhaps you have material that we could use? Or you have an idea for a great event, or whatever. Get in touch with us!

Give a loan

A loan (or several loans) in the amount of CHF 1000.00 enables us to further develop the infrastructure and the BAR. offer. If all goes well, your money will be returned to you within three years.

Hand in material

We are looking for various materials and infrastructure for the construction and expansion of BAR.. Do you have wood, kitchen utensils, play equipment, a 3 metre tall giraffe or other material that could be exciting for us? Think of us and get in touch.

Become part of the team

Would you like to serve drinks in the beautiful BAR. at Expo Platz, cook vegan food, help with the design and/or organise events? Get in touch!

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BAR. is a project in the field of sustainability, but also a meeting place and platform. We enjoy working with many different people and are happy to share our own experiences and our network. Do you have a new and sustainable idea and would like to work with us? Or have you been wanting to test your vision? Get in touch with us for an exchange.


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