Take the BAR. to the next level.


Our financial resources are currently only sufficient to set up the basic structure of the BAR. on the site, make the connections and install the basic infrastructure. But to make it even more cosy, to give the children something to play with and, with a bit of luck, to even be able to set up our own kitchen, we are dependent on supporters. As we are not fans of banks, we are trying to get loans through our community. To minimise the risk, we are looking for as many people as possible who are willing to give us CHF 1,000 in the form of a loan. This will enable us to take BAR. to the next level together. In the process?


You lend us one or more loans in the amount of CHF 1,000.00. We will pay this/these back to you within three years, by the end of 2026. We regulate the whole thing in a short loan agreement.

  • You decide whether and how many loans of CHF 1,000 you would like to give us
  • You fill out the form below
  • We will contact you and discuss any uncertainties and unanswered questions
  • You definitely decide whether you are there or not
  • If so, we will draw up a short loan agreement
  • You decide whether you would like to keep your 4% interest for yourself or whether we can donate it to an organisation we know in the areas of climate, human rights or refugee engagement
  • We will repay your money in a total of six instalments over two years from 2025 until the end of 2026

But be careful: When you lend money to a company, there is always a certain amount of risk involved. No goat licks that away. Bad weather, Covid-25/26, a volcanic eruption... Of course, we are convinced of the success of our project and can build on 6 years of experience.


Please fill non-binding the following form so that we can contact you with any further questions and how to proceed.


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